The View From Here

I'm glad you've come,
I hope you'll stay a while. 

Would you like coffee, or tea?  I have hot chocolate too, if you're more of a hot chocolate person. 

Unfortunately, here in the world wide web, tangible things are in short supply.  You will have to make your own drink.  I know, I know: I'm not being a very good hostess.  At least I am trying.  If you come over to my house and tell me the secret password* I promise I will brew you the hot beverage of your choice.  

But what I can offer you (right here!  right now!  no secret passwords necessary!) is words.  My words. 

Sometimes I have things to say.
Something interesting will happen to me and I'll want to write about it. 
Or I glimpse God in a way I haven't before, and  I want to share that with people I love. 
I often have stories to tell. 

And so here are some of the things my scritch-scratching pen has come up with. 

*I will only tell you the secret password if you promise not to tell anyone else what it is.  If anybody asks you the secret password, you have to tell them to come here and figure it out themselves.  Promise?  OK, here it is:  Argelfraster.